Our Approach

Specializing in Individualized Learning Programs to Help Every Student Succeed

Eggheads Learning Academy is a tutoring company that specializes in individualized learning programs to help every student succeed.

Our company was officially launched in 2021, but our founder, Alenni Chitwood, has been laying the groundwork for Eggheads for years.

Eggheads Learning Academy is not like other tutoring companies. Your student will not be given repetitive math booklets, or follow a predetermined curriculum. Instead, we tailor our teaching approach to your student. We take cues from their unique learning style, attention span, academic level, and personality to determine our course of action, in a casual setting that makes them feel at ease. We offer both in-home and online tutoring services, both of which incorporate various resources and dynamic tools that will help your students continue to succeed outside of our sessions.

Eggheads Learning Academy | In home and online tutoring

Our approach is simple: Try it. See it. Do it. Teach it.

First, we see what the student already knows. If they aren’t sure where to begin, our tutors will carefully demonstrate the concept, sometimes in a multitude of ways in order to ensure the student’s understanding. Once we have shown the student how to work a problem, and the techniques they will need, we will show them a second time, this time asking the student to weigh in. Gradually, the student is asked to take on more and more of the problem, until eventually, they are asked to be the “teacher”, while the tutor becomes the “student”. With our Try it. See it. Do it. Teach it. approach, overwhelming topics are simplified into non-intimidating steps, allowing the student to gain the confidence they need to tackle any problem!

We create success stories. Are you ready for yours?