Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a tutor is a wonderful investment in your child’s education. Whether your child is falling behind or wants to get ahead, a tutor can equip your student with the tools they need to succeed! Distance learning and classroom settings can both present challenges that can be difficult for students to tackle on their own. Hiring a personal tutor means your child will learn in a way that makes sense to them, at just the right pace. A tutor will ensure your child’s mastery of the basics before moving on to more difficult topics. Your child will learn more in less time, and gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter. With an individualized learning program, your child will feel more prepared in the classroom, and you’ll see their confidence soar!

Eggheads Learning Academy has tutors with expertise in a wide variety of subjects and grade levels. Visit our Subjects page for a complete list.

A common misconception about tutoring is that it is for people who aren’t very smart. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! An athlete doesn’t become an Olympian on their own—they have a coach encouraging them, training them, and helping them reach their full potential. A tutor is no different! A tutor is an academic coach who will encourage your student, train their brain to break tough problems into simple steps, and help them become the best they can be!

Session length typically varies between one hour, an hour and a half, or two hours. This often depends on the student’s age (younger students tend to have shorter attention spans), the difficulty of the subject matter, and the student’s level of understanding. It is also common for a student to extend their usual session length when extra preparation—for an upcoming test, for example—is needed.

Session frequency varies from student to student. Most of our students meet with our tutors two to three times a week, though some meet just once a week.

Eggheads Learning Academy is located in Long Beach, California. We offer in-home tutoring services to local students, and online tutoring services to students anywhere! For more information, send us a message.

The short answer is, every student is different! Most of our students see an increase in their understanding after just one session with our tutors. However, sometimes, it can take a few sessions for a student to totally grasp more challenging concepts. Specific skills, like adding fractions with common denominators, can often be mastered in a session. Broader skills, like reading comprehension, take longer to master.

In order for you and your child to get the most out of their session, we recommend that they work one-on-one with their tutor. Every student is different, and learns in their own unique way. Our tutors will be able to get to know your child’s personality, and tailor their teaching style to your child’s learning style. We believe that this is the best way to help our students learn.

Your child’s tutor is a resource and a mentor who will encourage your student and help them become the best they can be! Because of this, many of our students wish to meet with their tutor on a continuous basis. However, some families hire a tutor for a finite period of time, to help their student through a challenging semester or help them pass a specific test. Every family’s needs are different, and Eggheads Learning Academy is here to help!

Yes! While most of our students meet with our tutors on a continuous basis, some families hire a tutor to help with a specific assignment, or prepare their student for an upcoming test. Whatever your needs are, Eggheads Learning Academy can help!

Mastering a subject takes time. During your child’s sessions with their tutor, we guarantee that they will learn new ways of approaching difficult concepts, and be given all the tools they need to succeed on their own. In most cases, we can provide families with the subject matter taught in our sessions, and demonstrate their student’s improvement over time. However, we cannot control how your child will perform outside of our sessions, and while we do our best to prepare our students, we cannot guarantee that their grades will improve.

Yes! We are always looking for fun, enthusiastic, qualified tutors to join our team. If you believe in our mission and enjoy working with students, we invite you to apply to be an Eggheads Educator!

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