Alenni Nemitz

Meet Alenni Nemitz

Founder and Owner of Eggheads Learning Academy

Alenni has always loved to learn. Her dedication to her studies from a young age earned her many accolades over the years, including recognition from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation and a prestigious academic scholarship to Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. She later transferred schools and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Society and Environment from the University of Minnesota.

Fresh out of college, Alenni jumped headfirst into the startup business world. Her networking skills and ability to present herself professionally beyond her years landed her first job out of college, running the business operations of an established startup company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As a way to supplement her income, Alenni also began tutoring and mentoring a young girl. The experience reignited the joy and fulfillment she had felt working with students at the Boys and Girls Club of America in college, and tutoring her peers in high school.

The following year, together with her boyfriend and best friend, Alenni set off on a new adventure, putting all of her possessions into a U-Haul trailer and moving across the country, to Long Beach, California. Soon after, she began working for another startup in Long Beach. Alenni soon realized, though, how much she missed working with kids. She set up a profile on and, one by one, began working with more and more students until she had enough business to start tutoring full-time.

Over the next two and a half years, Alenni worked with over sixty students, across all subjects and age groups. She has helped her students achieve scholarship-worthy ACT scores and sticker-worthy spelling tests, get into their dream colleges and their first-choice high schools, ace their exams and their ABCs, write praise-worthy essays and learn to write their name. The work she is able to do on a daily basis still brings her that same joy and fulfillment she felt many years ago, which impassioned her to start Eggheads Learning Academy.

In her free time, Alenni enjoys cooking, playing chess, doing yoga, learning French, reading about health and nutrition, and taking her puppies, Peach and Barley, to the dog beach. She also does marketing and event coordinating for the café her boyfriend and best friend opened together in 2019.