Advanced Tutoring

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Eggheads Learning Academy | Advanced Tutoring

Advanced Tutoring

At Eggheads Learning Academy, we think it’s cool to be smart! Whether your student is studying for their midterms or the SATs, our tutors can help them stand out.

Eggheads Learning Academy | In home and online tutoring

Single-Subject Intensive Tutoring

Recommended for high school & qualified middle school students

Our “Single-Subject Intensive Tutoring” service focuses on specialized, extensive tutoring in a single subject. Students will be guided through an intensive, individualized curriculum, which may include assigned reading, supplementary worksheets, flashcards, & other various assignments to aid in a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Program length and intensity will vary based upon student’s preliminary understanding of the subject matter, assignment completion, and individual progress.

Eggheads Learning Academy | In home and online tutoring

Ace Your Essay

Recommended for middle school & high school level, and college admissions essays

Our “Ace Your Essay” service includes a sample outline, editing rubric, one 15-minute consultation, and two rounds of revisions to help your child write a standout essay. In fact, we guarantee a grade of 80% or above, or a 50% credit will be given for future services. Your child’s essay will be checked for logical organization; clear purpose; appropriate thesis, main idea, and supporting detail; varied, concise sentence structure; consistent tone; effective introduction and conclusion; correctly attributed ideas; proper spelling, grammar, and citations; overall professionalism and polish. Revisions will be done on your tutor’s own time (not during session hours). Need help drafting your essay? Add an hour of Standard Tutoring to help you get started.

Eggheads Learning Academy | In home and online tutoring

Standardized Exam Preparation

Recommended for high school juniors, seniors, & qualified sophomores

Our “Standardized Exam Preparation” course is an intensive 6, 8 or 12-session program to prepare students for standardized high school exams. Additional sessions may be recommended or added upon request. This service includes a preliminary assessment and one exam preparation book.

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